Instagram, one of the social networks with the fastest growth rates worldwide and one with more than 1 billion users, has a social monopoly over a number of businesses. Businesses in these sectors use Instagram to display colorful, brilliant photos, enabling connections beyond those offered by Facebook and Twitter. These sectors include industries like fashion, music, food, fitness, clothing, jewelry, and much more. 

Ever since the launch of the most recent addition, known as ‘Reels,’ which appears to have attracted a lot of attention and engagement from audiences, it has further encouraged marketers and businesses to use this excellent social media platform.

When you embed Instagram reel on your website, you may easily enhance user interaction if you already have a strong media presence and a sizable following. Instagram reels might be advantageous and draw more visitors to your website if you choose the best time to post on instagram reels.

Even though integrating an Instagram widget may appear complicated, you don't need to be a tech expert to achieve it and can do it quickly by following a few simple steps.

You may embed your Instagram feed on websites using a variety of tools and plugins on your WordPress website. 

Without any further ado, let’s get started! 

Outstanding Tools & Plugins For WordPress To Embed Instagram Reels 

  • Taggbox Widget 

To gather, curate, and share your Instagram Widget and post it on your website, use Taggbox, the greatest UGC platform, and a very effective social media aggregation tool. It is an extremely responsive application that pulls items from your Instagram feed using a hashtag, handle, Stories, Mentions, etc.

In addition, Taggbox Widget offers users the option to modify their widgets to their liking. You have access to a variety of branding options, including themes, layouts, colors, and fonts.

Using the profanity filter, Taggbox provides a moderation panel to keep an eye on your content and take down any objectionable or inappropriate content.

You can integrate the feed on your website using Taggbox since it has an integration with a variety of website-building systems, including WordPress. It is vitally crucial to evaluate your website's performance. You can use its analytics feature to keep an eye on how well your widget is performing. Additionally, you may keep an eye on your website's traffic, clicks, conversions, total impressions, and many other metrics.

When content is published without user permission, Taggbox is aware of the consequences. If you post content without asking users' permission, many of them might be offended.

Using Taggbox's User Rights management system, you can easily and legally ask users for permission before posting content.

  • WD Instagram Feed plugin 

Next up on the list is the WD Instagram feed plugin for your WordPress website. You may make a stunning Instagram gallery with various unique features, including the lightbox with captions, by using the WD Instagram Feed plugin. 

Along with support for infinite feeds, the free edition offers users with options for username and hashtag feeds. Additional extensions and built-in features are available in the pro version.

  • Official Embedding Option By Instagram 

Instagram recognizes the importance of embedding content. In light of this, it provides the possibility to embed an Instagram feed on the website. Instagram users and brand owners have the option to embed reels on their websites. The embedding process is extremely simple and demands the users to simply visit the reel that they wish to embed, click on the embed option, copy the code and embed the code where you want to showcase the reel on the website. Save the changes and done! 

However, this feature cannot be accessed on a mobile device; it is only available on a laptop or desktop. The website only allows you to embed one post at a time. This process is extremely time consuming since embedding one post at a time is a tedious process. You can leverage the other options mentioned in the post instead. 

  • WPZOOM Social feed widget plugin 

A popular plugin that works with Instagram usernames and hashtags is the WPZOOM Social Feed Widget. Using this option you might just display particular photographs. The customization tools look fantastic, and the headers' colors can be customized to match the theme of your website. 

To fit on all mobile devices, the plugin is fully responsive. Even when you want something like thumbnail or fullscreen photos, you may change the sizes of your images.

Final Conclusion 

We have reached the end of this post and the best tools for inserting Instagram widget into websites were those mentioned above. Your brand can benefit greatly from embedding an Instagram reel on your website, and user engagement will steadily rise.

In addition, embedding your Instagram widget on your website can progressively increase client confidence and increase the number of visitors who become actual customers. We're confident that by this point you realize how crucial it is to incorporate your Instagram reel Widget into your website. Go on now, select your preferred tool/plugin and begin the process right away.